5 Questions with Michelle

Michelle Mills, founder of Nature's Willow

We sat down with our founder, Michelle Mills, and asked her the first 5 questions that popped into our heads. It’s more fun that way.

If you weren’t the founder of Nature’s Willow®, what do you think you’d be doing right now? 

I’d probably be working for the YMCA. I did an internship with them during college, and fell in love with the YMCA culture. Their mission of improving health and well-being resonates with me and it’s just a fun and positive place to hang out!

Do you recall the first time you sold Willow Balm to someone? What do you remember about that?

Yes, I remember it well. Back then, Willow Balm was in a jar. I had given some samples (in lip gloss containers!) to a friend of mine who had neck issues. She showed it to her chiropractor who ordered six jars. I couldn’t believe it but I was so excited that a chiropractor liked the product enough to use it and sell it to her patients. That doctor was our first wholesale customer, and she still uses and sells Willow Balm today.

What’s most satisfying about being the Founder of Nature’s Willow®? What are you most proud of?

Turning an idea into a patented product that helps ease people’s pain is the most satisfying part of my journey. Prior to Willow Balm being on the shelves at farm and ranch stores, folks in rural areas were using horse liniment on their horses, then on their own sore bodies. I’m most proud of the thousands of people I’ve talked with over the years that have stopped doing that and started using Willow Balm!

What are you watching on Netflix?

Like everyone, I binged “Tiger King” a few weeks ago! Right now I’m watching The Pharmacist, which is about the Louisiana pharmacist who exposed the doctor/pill mill originally responsible for the opioid crisis, and also weaves in a lot of true crime. I highly recommend that series. I also look forward to starting Ozark season 3 soon.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer time?

I love walking on the greenways around Middle Tennessee anytime the weather permits and also enjoy gardening and yard work. I even have an old-school reel lawn mower and have fun using it! But my all-time favorite thing is spending time with my daughter Meredith in Southern California during the summer.