A New Look for Nature’s Willow®

A new look for Nature's Willow

With Spring comes a fresh new look for Nature’s Willow®, but the same products you’ve come to love…starting with our Willow Balm pain relief cream. This is definitely a Spring like none we’ve ever had. We’ve all had to adjust to a new normal, and with that we’re thankful for the time spent together as family (even if it feels like too much occasionally). And as the weeks progress we become more and more excited to step outside and explore the signs of Spring all around us. The changing landscape is a welcoming breath of fresh air to the indoor routine we’ve become accustomed to.

This isn’t a change for the sake of change, but rather an opportunity to present Nature’s Willow® in a way that’s closer to who we are and where the brand is headed. We wanted to build on the heritage of our original brand look, while creating something more distinct that pays homage to our rural roots.