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Nature's Willow Soothing Bath Soak

Nature's Willow Soothing Bath Soak

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About the Product:

  • Spa-grade bath salt for sore and tired muscles and joints.
  • Non-Toxic, Dye Free, Paraben Free. No Artificial Fragrances. 
  • Apply 1/2 a cup to running bath water and enjoy 
  • All-Natural: Our patented formula uses White Willow Bark (nature’s aspirin) and is packed with essential oils like Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Helichrysum to deliver relief from a hard day's work.
  • Fast-Acting & Long-Lasting: Your hard work is done for the day. Now let all the beautiful ingredients found in nature go to work on you!
  • MADE IN AMERICA! - Nature's Willow was born from the efforts of a Tennessee daughter developing a product to help ease her mother's pain.
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Customer Reviews

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Lindsey E
Love the Bath Soak!

I have hip labral tear (runner’s tear) with terrible pain in my back, butt, hip and groin area. After using Nature’s Willow bath soak, I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in MONTHS.

Shelby M
Exactly what my adventure-loving body needs!

I do a lot of hiking and take a lot of baths. Because of this, I’ve used a lot of bath soaks, but this one is different. Not only does it smell amazing, it is much more fine than normal bath soaks, so it really mixes into the bath water well and you aren’t left with any salt at the bottom. The other nice thing about that is it means your body is able to absorb all of the benefits without any product being leftover or wasted. This soak is so relaxing that you won’t want to leave the tub! Thank you Nature’s Willow for providing easy relief so I can feel like my best self!

Julie A Carlson
Soaking salt

I totally love this product. So good for my sore muscles and bad knees. I love all the product that you guys make. It's been life changing for me. I can move again! I recommend your product to everyone that I can. Thank you for making this product!!
Julie Carlson


Nature's Willow Soothing Bath Soak

My wife for years has tried multiple things to ease her back pain so that she can sleep at night. She’s tried both over-the-counter and prescription meds. This product has truly been a godsend to her allowing her to go to sleep and remain asleep for several hours afterwards.

- George T.