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Itch and Rash Relieving Bar Soap

Itch and Rash Relieving Bar Soap

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When you spend time outdoors, minor skin irritations are inevitable; this blend of essential oils cleans your skin and soothes, relaxes and revitalizes, so you can get back out there. Harnessing the natural power of White Willow Bark, Helichrysum and essential oils, Nature’s Willow Daily Relief Bar soothes your skin from the minor irritations you pick up every day and helps you to relax.

About the Product:

  • Non-Toxic, Dye Free, Paraben Free. Plant-Based. No Artificial Fragrances. 
  • The Perfect Blend of Essential Oils: Made with White Willow Bark (the original aspirin) and helichrysum to soothe, lavender and rose geranium to relax, and menthol and eucalyptus to revitalize.
  • Part of Your Daily Routine: Hard-working folks need hard-working products to care for their skin and Nature's Willow products are designed with the outdoors in mind.
  • PLANT-BASED RELIEF MADE IN NORTH AMERICA: Nature's Willow was born from the efforts of a Tennessee daughter developing a product to help ease her mother's pain.

Menthol, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rose Geranium, White Willow Bark, Helichrysum

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bobbi Hamilton
Unbelievable Relief

I struggle to sleep at night with nerve damage in my neck. I put Willow Balm lotion on any painful areas a sleep follows. The soap is good for my arthritis, also.

Mistree Reader
Great soap

I use this bar every time I’m done in the garden. I’m allergic to some of the plants & this soap helps relieve the itchiness. I follow up with the Itch Relief lotion. Glad I found this soap!

Mark Girone
Saved my sanity.

I was diagnosed with Grovers Disease and was suffering from Extreme itching, and Willow Balm literally saved my sanity and helped control the itching so, I could sleep at night. I realize that this was not what the product was ment for since it was the Pain formula, but it worked so well, better then the Itch formula. Now it is a part of my daily routine when my Grover pops up. Thanks so much for making a superior product and I share my experience on all the Grover Disease boards and recommended you product 100 %.

Linda Heter
Nice and gentle

I loving working outside in my flower beds and also grow tomatoes and peppers. I find this soap helps with skin irritations and is gentle on the skin.

Jean Gurnee
Bar Soap and Itch Relief Lotion

I really enjoy both of the products I ordered. The lotion took care of my husbands painful dry back and the bar soap leaves my skin clean with a light scent and without a dry residue on the skin. Thanks!

My wife for years has tried multiple things to ease her back pain so that she can sleep at night. She’s tried both over-the-counter and prescription meds. This product has truly been a godsend to her allowing her to go to sleep and remain asleep for several hours afterwards.

- George T.