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Laura: Nature's Willow specializes in natural pain relieving products and itch cream that are plant based. White Willow is the main ingredient, they have helichrysum, lavender and geranium and all these wonderful things so they smell really good. The reason I know about this company is because my Mom loves them!

Laura: those of us who are getting later on into our gardening careers, things start to hurt and little bit more, especially this season when you start to work outside when you're not used to it for a couple of months so you need a little bit of relief, some help and you want to use natural products.

Laura: I've been trying out different shoes because I've been having heal pain and I'll put the Nature's Willow patches on my heal in the morning and it does provide some really nice relief.

Laura: it's a really great thing if you can find something natural to help you with things like that rather than something chemical, synthetic--it's a really nice route to take.

Susan (Laura's Mom): Susan got Nature's Willow at a tradeshow and she said, you've got to try these.

She used these on her ankle after she broke it, she would have two of these on her ankle.

Monica: uses their bath soak.