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Article: A Business Built by Love

Willow Balm Pain Relief Founder Story

A Business Built by Love

Remembering our Roots this Valentine’s Day

Michelle Mills, the Founder of Nature’s Willow, never set out to build a health business. She was simply looking to help her mother, Shirley, get off the pain pills that were making her health worse. Suffering from fibromyalgia and arthritis, Shirley first tried the myriad of over-the-counter topicals, but they caused severe reactions on her sensitive skin. After they couldn’t find a product that actually worked and was free from toxins, parabens, dyes and artificial fragrances, Michelle became determined to create her own. 

The labor of love took a year, 21 variation attempts and a little advice from a Vanderbilt Doctor, but finally, Shirley had her perfect pain cream.  When Michelle saw how many other loved ones' lives were being changed with her mother’s pain cream, she knew she had to get a patent and make her life’s work helping as many people as possible find relief - naturally and affordably.  Fast forward 15 years later, Nature’s Willow has helped thousands of people and we’re just getting started.   Want to learn more about Michelle’s Founder Story?  Watch here.

A V-Day Q&A with Michelle:


Q: What is your ideal way Valentine's Day? 

A: I am always so busy, so my ideal Valentine's Day would be at home in my pjs, watching a good movie, with a cup of hot chocolate in my lap. That might be lame to say, but it is the honest truth!

Q: What is the one place in the world where you feel the most love?

A: Anywhere where I am with my daughter. She lives in California, and I live in Tennessee, but I feel the most loved wherever I get to spend time with her.

Q: What is your favorite valentine's treat? 

A: I am not a huge really sweet chocolate person, but I will always go for a yellow cake with chocolate icing. 

Q: What is something that you recently discovered that you would say you love?

A: I am obsessed with all things skin care and hair care related. My favorite new gadget, I just got for Christmas, is the Dyson Airwrap, and I definitely have been loving that. 

Q: What is your favorite love song of all time?

A: I love music, especially live, so it is so hard to just pick one. But, I have to go with "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross!

Q: If you had to pick a celebrity to be your valentine, who would you pick and why?

I would say, what most women my age would say, Rip from the show Yellowstone. He is just so handsome, rugged, and protective. 

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