Customer Review of Our Powerful Natural Relief for Pain & Itch

  • 82% of respondents reported Nature’s Willow to be extremely effective for their condition 
  • 100% of respondents reported no side effects when using Nature’s Willow 
  • Respondents reported a meaningful reduction in pain for all levels of pain with extreme pain reduced from 29.5% to 1.6%

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Cream for Targeted, Intense Relief

Faster-acting, better-smelling, targeted relief. 

Our Willow Balm Pain-Relieving Cream is non-greasy, absorbs quickly and provides a cooling, not burning, sensation with a pleasant scent. Our powerful formula combines white willow bark, helichrysum, camphor, menthol, and many more essential oils that fight inflammation and offer immediate relief.

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Soak to Relax

Our bath soak is carefully formulated with spa-grade bath salt for sore and tired muscles and joints. This important step impacts both the area in pain as well as the surrounding muscles which usually tense up as a result. (or keep going to say, "the result of the injury (or pain?"). Soaking relaxes your entire body, relieves pressure on the troubled areas and preps the body to recover overnight.

Add 1/2 a cup to warm water and give the eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, geranium and of course White Willow Bark time to relax your muscles.

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Patches for Long Lasting Relief

Sleep is a perfect time to give your joints and muscles an aide that provides relief and helps control inflammation overnight. You’re not moving or putting extra pressure on your body during the hours you’re resting, giving your joints and muscles time to recover.

Our patches are made with some of the most potent plant medicine available. Salix alba (aka White Willow Bark), devil's claw cut root, boswellia serrata, camphor, eucalyptus, geranium, helichrysum, lavender and peppermint all contribute to a formula that will help you rest easy and wake up feeling better than the day before.

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A page from Mother Nature’s playbook

I created Nature’s Willow for my mom in 2009 when I couldn’t find anything on the market not full of parabens, dyes, fragrances and harmful toxins that can cause severe side effects over time. Unfortunately for consumers, not much has changed since then.

That's why I created Nature's Willow with the botanical pain and inflammation-fighting ingredients our ancestors used, so you can get at the root cause of your pain. 

Thanks for checking us out. Be well,